Are there any computers that are made from non hazardous materials?



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    Computers and their components are not hazardous when used correctly, although the manufacture can release problematic materials, and when they become waste, they likewise can cause problems. You cannot make a computer without things like arsenic and gallium in the components, tantalum in the capacitors, etc. Primary components like iron, copper, aluminum, plastic, gold, silver, barium, and dozens of other materials all contribute to environmental problems from their mining to their trashing – just as all human manufactured things do.

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    There have been some computers that have been designed with non-hazardous materials, like Design Hara’s green computer and The Vinci. You can read the following articles for more information on these products:

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      Both of those refer to the case or packaging only – the innards still contain arsenic, lead, silver, and dozens of other materials.

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