Are there any companies that sell sustainable eggs?



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    Yes there are. In the UK, The Lakes Free Range Egg Co. not only boasts producing sustainable eggs, but also claims to be the first UK carbon neutral egg packing operation. In the United States, Braswell Foods, based in North Carolina, proudly says it provides, “local & sustainable farm to fork fresh good for you foods.” If neither of these are close to you, however, you should take a look at the website for the Coalition For Sustainable Egg Supply. Their member’s list includes egg producers across the United States and Canada.

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    A lot of times, local farmer’s markets and co-ops will sell eggs that often tote environmental and ethical responsibility for their eggs.  Buying local is great for the environment because you know that less fossil fuels were used in the transport of the eggs themselves, and you’re helping to support your community.

    The link below can help you find farmer’s markets near you.

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    The other day I went to the Urban Farm Store in Portland, OR, and checked out the little chicks that just arrived. I need a yard before I can have my own chickens, but raising chickens is easy, fun, and entirely sustainable.

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    I just wanted to second what Chelsea said above—farmer’s markets are a great source for sustainably produced eggs as well as vegetables, fruit, bread, and other products. Plus, you have the added bonus of being able to speak directly with the person in charge of caring for the chickens and the eggs—unlike eggs purchased in a grocery store, sustainably produced or not, you meet the farmer who raised and cared for the chickens and can ask specific questions about them.

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