Are there any companies that make good eco friendly outdoor furniture?



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    It seems like there are. I came up with five.

    The first is Gaiam, which has unique style, It uses recycled materials.

    Then there is Rainforest Teak,, whose mission is to restore depleted and damaged land. As well as being stylish.

    Third is Makyu furnishing, They are a member of an organization that each contributes 1% to global environmental organizations.

    Next, Loll designs, They are aesthetically pleasing and stylish and made from environmentally friendly wood fiber or recycled plastic.

    Last is Thos. Baker, It also uses teak, which is durable and ages gracefully.

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    There are many companies that many eco-friendly outdoor furniture. One company in particular is Patio Land. They make a lot of their furniture out of Eucalyptus and teak. Both of these trees are harvest from forests that are protected by the Forest Stewardship Committee. The furniture they make is also really pretty.

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