Are there any companies that buy bicycles for their employees if they commute to work?



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    A new bicycle can be very expensive, and it is important to have one that fits. Personally, I don’t think I would want an employer to buy a bicycle for me because I know that bicycles vary widely in quality. However, employers are doing things like giving their employees credits for bicycle maintenance and discounts at bike shops. Used bicycles can actually be better than new bicycles if they are well-maintained. I have a 1965 Raleigh 3-speed that just glides past all of the rusty bicycles in my town that can’t possibly be more than ten years old. However, I also have an uncle with a bike shop who gives me regular tune-ups.

    So… most incentives offered by employers are less direct, but I think that they are more effective.

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    Periodically there have been companies that have rewarded employees who bicycle commute.  In some cases they could opt for a new bike.  Other companies have subsidized the purchase of bicycles by employees.  There are some details at the link, under “perks for pedalling”.

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