Are there any community supported composting programs?



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    Although I’m not quite sure what precisely a community supported composting program is, there are various composting programs that involve entire communities. For example, some waste management companies will do home pick-up of compost materials. There are even compost-only companies that do the same thing.

    In Hardwick, Vermont there is the Highfields Center for Composting, which calls itself a community supported composting program. Some community supported agriculture programs also run composting divisions within their organizations as well, like the Staten Island Community Supported Agriculture program (

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    Do you have a community garden in your area?  If you do, and they do not already have a compost, you should start one!  Also there are ways to compost your own food scraps at home:  Vermicomposting is extremely effective in both small and large scale worm bins, if you have a backyard you can do it outside; it takes a bit of experimenting to get the right Carbon-Nitrogen ratio, but it can be fun and educational.  Some municipalities now have curbside composting such as San Francisco and Seattle.  

    Below is a link on vermicomposting and worm bins

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