Are there any communities that are close to achieving carbon neutral?



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    According to a 2006 article, Ballard around Seattle, Washington has achieved a carbon neutral community.  The community relies on energy effiecint upgrades, wind energy, and offset carbon projects.  The projects are based off the use of a carbon calculator, whcih determines a person (or communities) annual carbon footprint.

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    There are many cities that are in the race to the the first official carbon neutral city. The UK has a few front runners, Newcastle upon Thyme and Ashton Hayes. Masdar City, in Abu Dhabi, is a newly built city hopeing to be carbon and waste neutral by 2014.

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    Although Seattle doesn’t appear to be close to achieving carbon-neutral status, it is the first major American city with the specific goal of achieving carbon neutrality. It aims to be carbon-neutral by 2030. Seattle has already taken steps to achieve this goal; it became the first major American city with a carbon-neutral electric grid in 2005 after setting this goal in 2000.

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