Are there any common weeds that are edible?



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    Absolutely! Examples include chickweed, dandelions, garlic mustard, nettles, pigweed, plantain, sheep’s sorrel, violets, and wild garlic. Heather Rhoades gives some tips for eating weeds in her article, “Eating Weeds- A List of Edible Weeds in Your Garden.” She advices to wash weeds thoroughly, don’t eat if chemicals have been sprayed nearby, and if you can’t identify the weed, don’t eat it. Along with a list of edible weeds, she addresses which part(s) of the weed are edible.  

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    Yes, there are many edible weeds. This website lists some edible weeds:

    1. Dandelions – full ov vitamins A and C

    2. Red clover – can be used for tea

    3. Plantain 

    4. Garlic grass

    5. Sorrel

    6. Watercress – used a lot in salads and sandwiches

    7. Chickweed

    8. Lamb’s quarters

    9. Burdock

    You should definitely refer to a plant identification guide before eating anything, though, just to be safe

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