Are there any colleges that plan green tailgate parties?



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    Likely not. As far as ethics go, I don’t think any college/university would be willing to take on the planning of an event that could lead to questionable outcomes. There might be individual efforts, for example, the sustainability club at any given school may organize their own tailgate party, but this would be independent of any administrative responsibility on the part of the college/university.

    There are instances where a university will take part in a large celebration that is green, however, such as Earth Day at San Jose State University.

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    I don’t think any university has established “green” tailgating. I attended Purdue University and to help reduce trash from tailgating, the Boiler Green Iniative raise funds to purchase industrial size recycling bins. These bins were then placed around the tailgating areas next to trash cans, promoting recycling. It seemed to work fairly well and reduced the amount of trash that is usually created from a day of tailgating.

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