Are there any cold weather cactus?



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    Cacti are remarkable plants, and while they are only indigenous to large deserts because of their lack of water, they can survive extreme cold conditions. Cacti have been known to survive in temperatures as low as Zero degrees Celsius, probably because they have had to develop a very hard exterior because of their conditions. Despite this, cacti can be grown by humans in conditions that are much colder than they are used to.

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    The prickly pear cactus (Opuntia) can be found growing in southern Wisconsin, where it snows quite a bit each winter. The cactus emerges from the snow each spring and continues to grow.

    Also, the Great Basin desert in northern Arizona and north is quite cold at night and receives snow in some parts. There are not arboreal cacti there like in the sonora desert, but still it is a desert with desert flora. Cacti are able to withstand a lot of cold and snow!

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