Are there any coastlines that are protected through some sort of reserve?



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    There are many coastlines that are protected in state or national parks. Big Sur is an area of the California coast that is protected. There are lots of protected coastal area in California and there are other in the US and Australia. They are protected on land and for a certain distance off shore as well.

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    Yes, there are many protected coastlines, including Big Sur, Point Lobos, and other California, U.S., United Kingdom, and Australian coastlines are protected, to name a few. However, scientists and divers are still allowed to use these protected coastlines. And, according to, coastlines may not be that well protected. And outside factors, such as depleating ozone, and global warming may affect fish populations, etc even in protected coastline spaces.

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    Many regions along the coast of California are considered Marine Life Protection Areas (MLPA’s) and are protected under various laws guarding against harm to the ecosystems of these regions.  These are are often Areas of Special Biological Significance and contain marine life that is found almost nowhere else in the world or is otherwise listed as endangered/protected status.  There is a also a national program for MPAs being evaluated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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