Are there any coastal states that do not have off shore drilling?



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    Yes. There’s no offshore drilling in the northeastern states (Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island and others in the area), largely because there’s little or no oil to be found there.

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    The only states with active, current (August 2010) offshore drilling are Louisiana with 17 and Texas with 2. California has had one or two active rigs in the past year or so.

    Louisiana, Texas, California, and Alaska have established offshore oil production in their state waters. The Federal offshore in the Gulf of Mexico, offshore TX, LA, MS,  AL, and FL, is the largest single producer of oil in the US, larger than any one state. Federal waters offshore CA and probably offshore AK produce oil as well.

    Historically, a few wells have been drilled offshore Washington and Oregon, and on the Atlantic mostly offshore New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia, all of them dry. Likewise there has been exploratory drilling in the Gulf offshore Florida, also with mostly negative results.

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