Are there any coal mines in Arizona?



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    Absolutely! There are two “major” coal mines in Arizona, and probably a few lesser ones. The two “major” mines are Kayenta Coal Mine, located 10 miles southwest of Kayenta, AZ and Black Mesa coal mine, a vey controversial mine located in (surprise) Black Mesa. The Black Mesa mine was shut down fom 2005-2008, following a lawsuit filed under the Clean Air Act. The operations permit given to Peabody Coal was reinstated in 2008, as an extension of their permit to operate Kayenta Mine.

    Here’s an interesting fact: Black Mesa coal mine islocated on top of what is the biggest coal deposit in the United States!

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    The Energy Information Administration reported in 2009 that there is only one mine of any size in Arizona, producing 8,025 short tons of coal in 2008. I guess they didn’t list the Black Mesa mine that jvanderlee mentions because it wasn’t operating during the years (2007-2008) that the report covers. There are no other small mines though.

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    Note that the 8,025 number in cerberus’ answer should be 8,025 THOUSAND short tons (or 8 million tons). Only 1 mine was reported in AZ in 2009 as well.

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