Are there any clean energy-powered lawn mowers available on the market?



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    Right now there are a few choices to choose from, but none are ideal.

    1. You could use one of the old fashioned reel mowers

    2. You could buy an electric mower if you have a source of clean electricity. Unfortunately the batteries only last about 20-30 minutes which may or may not be enough for your lawn.

    3. You could buy a solar powered robotic mower for

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    Indeed, reel mowers are the most environmentally-friendly lawn mowers at the moment. They are also the most quiet and maintenance-free mowers. How does it work? You push and it mows! However, it does have some drawbacks. Reel mowers take more time to use and they are not designed to cut tall weeds. Nor can they deal with rocks. But if you have well-maintained lawn, reel mowers are known to be very pleasant to use.

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    You could rig up a reel mower attached to a bike if you did not want to push it. Human energy is reasonably clean plus you can get exercise too which is also good. Or you could think completely outside the box–instead of mowing your law replace it with native plants or an organic vegetable garden. This will be a lot more environmentally friendly.

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    The most environmentally friendly idea would be to remove the lawn and replace with other hardscape, native plants that will thrive in your environment or plant an organic garden.  The reel mower is the next choice which uses human power – so it’s a great option since the energy used is exercise!  If your lawn is very large or you need a grassy area for some other reason (such as it’s not your property to change 🙂 we have used an electric mower – much quieter, and cleaner than a gas powered mower.

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