Are there any classes in High Schools where kids can learn about local eating?



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    I’ve never heard of any specific high school classes dedicated to teaching students about local eating. I think this would be a good addition to courses such as Home Economics or Gourmet Foods or cooking classes. These courses were offered in my middle school and high school, but never discussed the value of local foods. I think another class that would be ideal for this lesson is not a class at all—lunchtime! School cafeterias should try to bring in more local sustenance and advertise where it came from. This might make students more excited about eating locally.

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    Depending on the teacher, environmental science classes cover topics relating to local eating. In my high school environmental science class, we had a green house we used to grow vegetables and once a week, we would make a salad for lunch. My class covered the topic of local eating, but I don’t know if all environmental science classes in various states do the same. 

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