Are there any civilizations where cannibalism is still accepted?



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    In 2006, Paul Raffaele, a writer and photographer for Smithsonian Magazine, went on a quest to visit members of the Korowai tribe, among the last people on earth to practice cannibalism.

    The Korowai are among the very few tribes believed to eat human flesh. They live about 100 miles inland from the Arafura Sea and still live with little knowledge of the world beyond their homelands and frequently feud with one another. Some are said to kill and eat male witches they call khakhua.

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    The last known case of cannibalism was in 1976 in a remote aboriginal region of Papua Indonesia. Before that in 1974, 4 Dutch families were killed and eaten. The Kombai tribe as well as Korowai still practice ritual canibalism in the time of war, eating parts of the dead.
    There are some reports that cannibalism occurs in war-torn regions of sub-Saharan Africa but they are hard to authenticate.

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    Papua Kombai in Papua New Guinea practice cannibalism during times of war, the Asmat Tribe of Papua New Guinea is also cannibalistic. There have been reports on cannibalism in Asia(in 2001 human meat was sold in the markets of Hoerung and North Korea), places throughout Africa, Eastern Europe, and Australia.

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