Are there any civilizations that eat the yak?



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    Yes, Americans. A company in Vermont sells yak meat, which they boast as being lower in fat, higher in protein and just as flavorful as beef. Check out some yak recipes below.

    Other than us, several cultures in continental Asia, particularly the Tibetans, have traditionally used yak meat as a significant source of nutrition. Yaks are highly respected for their many other uses as well, including healthy, tasty milk; hair for making tents, ropes and bags; and dung that is great for building a fire with.

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    While yaks are more commonly used as pack animals or for their wool, some cultures do treat yaks as a food source.  For example, farmers in Tibet have centered their lifestyle around the yak for several centuries. Yak meat is a plentiful source of protein as well as being low in cholesterol and fat.  Tibetans additionally use yak milk for the making of yogurt, butter, and cheese. 

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