Are there any cities where it is actually faster to ride a bike than to drive?



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    Many cities are known for being “bike friendly.” Combined with bad traffic, that makes biking a good alternative way to get to and from the job site, errands, etc. Proportionally more residents of Portland, Oregon bike to work than any other city in the nation. A remarkable 6.5 percent of Portlanders used bicycles as their primary mode to and from work in 2008, or roughly 35,000 folks. From personal experience, the traffic in Portland can be pretty bad, so I’d recommend the bike for sure!

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    It would really depend on how far you would have to go. I live near Philadelphia. To go a few blocks in the city, it would probably be much easier and faster to ride a bike. The farther you plan on traveling, however, the easier it becomes to just take a car or taxi.

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