Are there any cities that were designed to be walkable?



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    In Europe you can find many cities that are very walkable.  Whether they were designed to be specifically walkable, or this is a result of a necessity of the time these cities were settled is hard to say.  In Europe, some say Weimar, Germany is one of the most walkable cities in Europe. 

    In the US, the top 5 most walkable cities are Washington, DC, Minneapolis, MN, Boston, MA, Portland, OR and Seattle, WA.

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    I lived in Chicago and I can tell you that everyone walks there.  Walks or takes mass transit.  But it is nothing for people to walk 2 or 3 miles to get somewhere.  it is just culture there.  Plus Chicago is planned very well.  All the streets are just like square lines.  It is very easy for you to map out where you are and how to get somewhere. 

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