Are there any cities trying to help take care of light pollution?



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    Flagstaff, Arizona has been trying to reduce light pollution in their city since the 1950s. It’s widely considered a good area for astronomers.

    Check out this news article about it last year:

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    One place where light pollution is a big problem is along beaches where hotels and resorts have been built. This negatively affects animals like sea turtles that come to the beach to lay their eggs. They cannot find the beaches because of the light pollution. In some areas, including beaches in Mexico, regulations and laws have been set to reduce light pollution, especially during the breeding season of the sea turtles.

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    Last I checked, the state of New Mexico had certain summer nights in which cities and residents were encouraged to “dim the lights.”  These nights often correspond with brilliant meteor showers.

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      Wow that is awesome. I grew up in the mountains in a real small community that used to do this actually. Its amazing how many stars you can really see when there is no light pollution. One of the most amazing things I have seen is the Montana sky when you are on a road in the middle of nowhere and you cant see a single light from a surrounding city.

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