Are there any cities that have started curbside composting?



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    Yes, many cities have run trial curbside compost programs, and some have adopted it. Boulder, CO; Mill Valley, CA; Seattle, WA; and San Francisco, CA; Hutchinson, Minnesota. Portland, OR ran a pilot program in summer of 2010, but implementation takes a long time, there are laws and requirements to abide by, new infrastructure and public education to be established, and start-up funding to run. Though pilot programs around the country have seen success, the demand for curbside composting is low and needs considerable support to get off the ground.

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    I live in Portland, OR and we currently have curbside composting, but I believe it is still in the trial phase as they only allow yard trimmings at this time. Businesses are starting to offer composting bins alongside the regular garbage and recycling that are for food waste and food soiled papers. 

    As the first poster said, it takes time, but we’re making progress!

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