Are there any cities that have done a great job becoming sustainable in America?



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    Several cities have initiatives towards becoming sustainable, although Seattle’s example seems particularly striking. Among other things, it has supported the construction of the nation’s largest electric vehicle grid, has plans to reduce greenhouse gases 30% by 2050, built more than 92 miles of bike lanes in recent years, and even became the American city with the first carbon-neutral electricity provider.

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    A few American cities that have actively taken steps to become more sustainable; 

    1. Austin, Texas: has plans to be carbon neutral by 2012. 

    2. Chicago, Illinois: has taken steps towards sustainability through the ‘Chicago Green Roof Program’, a program in which 2.5 million square feet of rooftop plant life has been created and supported. 

    3. Eugene, Oregon: made cycling the preferred method of transportation. This is made possible with 30 miles of off-street bike paths and 29 dedicated bike routes, totaling 150 miles of smog-free travel. 

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