Are there any cities that have completely electric buses?



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    Electric city bus technology is just beginning to become an efficient alternative to diesel and hybrid, so there aren’t a lot of electric buses being used yet, if any. However, the technology is there and Montreal plans to become the first North American city with an all-electric fleet, aiming to have 1,300 electric buses by 2025.

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    Montreal has plans to have all electric busses by 2025. “The Societe de Transport de Montreal (STM) is currently awaiting an order of 380 high-efficiency diesel buses to replace some of its aging fleet. The buses will be in service between now and 2025. In addition to the diesels, the city is actively searching for hybrid buses to put into fleet use. Beginning in 2012, all STM bus purchases will be either hybrids or electrics and, starting in 2011, Montreal will begin testing electric buses powered by overhead wires on some of the city’s busiest routes. This is the first step to replace the entire fleet of 1,300 buses with zero-emission models within 15 years. The task is certainly doable, but the city is venturing where no other in North America has gone before. We applaud the STM for being pioneers while wishing Montreal luck in reaching its goal. Hat tip to Sebastian!”

    Sounds like Montreal is making moves to create a more eco friendly fleet and city. 

    Quebec City has these Ecolobuses in transit. Here is a picture:


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