Are there any cities that have banned grass lawns because of their water shortage?



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    The city of Palmdale, CA banned grass lawns in 2008. The city of St. Augustine, FL, attempted to pass a similar law, but it didn’t go through.

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    Not that I know of. I do know that cities will often put restriction on lawn watering. I typed into Google “cities restrict lawn watering” and saw on the first page of results that Los Angeles, Austin, and West Palm Beach all have restricted water. I know from personal experience that Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA have restricted lawn watering due to drought conditions. I also know from personal experience that many home owners in desert states don’t even bother with grass lawns. They do desertscape landscaping.

    I saw on google that banning grass lawns has been discussed, but maybe someone else will be able to definitively answer your question.

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