Are there any cities that don’t allow private cars?



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    Mackinac Island, Michigan, has banned motor vehicles of all types for more than 100 years. You could, presumably, have a private car that was not motorized.

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    Absolutely, the Island of Gili Trawangan, Northwest of Lombok, Indonesia, has banned all forms of motor transport and travel along the island is usually conducted by horse-drawn carts or by bicycle.  Travel to and from the island is conducted by chartered boats and the island is very green, with 14 coral reef restoration projects powered by solar and wave energy located outside dive shops.

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    Zermatt, Switzerland has banned most private motorized cars. It is a small town with a great shuttle service, so it makes for a wonderful lifestyle.

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    Hello, an additional, Gili Meno And Gili Air also banned motorcylce. Both of the islands belongs to the Gili Islands, near Lombok Indonesia. The other island is Gili Trawangan like dturnbull87 mention. The Gilis are becoming major tourist destination now.

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