Are there any cities in Antarctica?



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    Antarctica does not have cities in the way that most people view cities. They do however have more than 50 research stations throughout the continent. Lots of countries have established research bases on the for the summer months, or even year-round. Perhaps the largest of these research bases is called McMurdo Station, which has a population of about 1,258 people (mostly scientists or researchers). 

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    Antarctica is not necessarily a habitable continent by humans, so no actual cities exist on the continent. There are research facilities all over the continent, but nothing near the size of a town or city. Much of Antarctica is dry and covered in ice, which would make any kind of sustainable living next to impossible, merely because no food or water is readily available for growth and consumption. It is the same reason much of the Russian tundra remains unoccupied, because the sustainability a human city requires in resources is virtually unobtainable in such a harsh, empty, and extremely cold environment.

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