Are there any cities in America where people still ride their bikes during the cold of winter?



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    There are a lot of people in Colorado who ride bikes year round, even though it snows. There is even a winter bike to work day where businesses participate by giving out free food and drinks. The main point of the day is to raise awareness about how well maintained the trails are in the winter so even more people will be encouraged to ride. 

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    In all American cities, including Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, Chicago, Buffalo, and Boston, there are bicyclists who ride all year round.  For icy location the are studded bicycle tires.  The other important consideration is dressing appropriately — good cloths are available.

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    Yes, many American cities. And Canadian and European ones as well. There are ways to ride your bike in winter safely and effectively.  Just make sure to bundle up, maintain your bike properly, plan your route, and be sure to be seen as cars may not be used to cyclists in the winter. It may take a little more effort, but you are definitely doing a great thing for the environment.

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    In every big city in the US (and many smaller ones), there are bike messengers.  Rain, wind, snow, shine, they are out on their bikes making a buck.  Many of them ride fixed-gear bikes during the winter for the “anti-lock braking”, as it were, that a fixed-gear provides.  In cities like Boston and Chicago, snow is just a part of life in winter.

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