Are there any cities in America that are trying to outlaw cars?



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    Not as far as I can tell, but the idea is being experimented with in parts of other cities. Paris, for example, is considering banning cars for a 1.2 mile stretch of expressway along the Seine. I also was able to find a proposal to ban all private cars (taxis, emergency vehicles, buses, and the like would all still be permitted) from Manhattan, but I’m not sure how credible and serious it looks.

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    No, it does not seem like any cities in America are making moves to ban cars. An American sociologist named Paul Goodman wrote an essay in 1961 proposing the ban of personal cars in Manhattan Island because of congestion, but I am not able to find anything similar happening currently.

    The situation is a little different in Europe, however. Cities in Italy have implemented bans on private vehicles, restricting their use to only certain hours of the day. During the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China, cars were only allowed to drive on certain days depending on whether their license plates were even- or odd-numbered to curb air pollution. I do not know if this policy is still in place, but native Chinese that I spoke with attested that it drastically improved the city’s air.


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