Are there any cities in America that are known for having dirty tap water?



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    From a study in 2009 by the Environmental Working Group

    Cities with the worst water:

    1. Pensacola, FL
    2. Riverside, CA
    3. Las Vegas, NV
    4. Riverside County, CA
    5. Reno, NV
    6. Houston, TX
    7. Omaha, NE
    8. North Las Vegas, NV
    9. San Diego, CA
    10. Jacksonville, FL

    Read more in the link.

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    Well, in phoenix nobody drinks straight tap water. The City of Chandler just distributed the 2009 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report that confirmed herbicide runoff, discharge from chemical factories, and intensely high amounts of Chlorine.  The water leaves a film in the shower, and smells like chlorine out of the faucet.  So, in respect to the “dirtiness” …yes, because of the herbicides and chemical runoffs, but the chlorine acts to counter them and help clean the water.

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