Are there any cigarette companies that are making eco friendly cigarettes?



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    Eco-friendly cigarettes seem to be a relatively new concept with a lot of criticism. Probably because cigarettes are said to contain chemicals such as acetone (same chemical in nail polish remover) as well as many others (about 4000). One company that does claim to make environmentally friend cigarettes claim to be made with only nicotine, therefore reducing odor and be cheaper than normal cigarettes. The company also says that 30 packs of their smokes will amount to the same amount of waste as 30 of the regular ones. The company is called GreenSmoke

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    There are companies that say the are making eco-friendly cigarettes, but seeing as how they still have a lot of chemicals in them and produce gases when burned, I don’t really believe them.  The new movement of the cigarette world is towards electronic cigarettes which provide the same nicotine buzz that traditional cigarettes do without the harmful chemicals and smoke.  They end up being cheaper because the cartridges are now cheaper than packs of cigarettes, and they don’t have the same polluting effect as traditional cigarettes.

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