Are there any charities that have already setup means of collecting donations for the Japan earthquake victims?

I remember this was very effective for the Sumatra Tsunami. I wonder if a similar system can be setup again?



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    Cited below is a link to all sorts of local charities in Japan. They may be a direct charity to donate to. Please be cautious and make sure you are actually donating to a charity, there are a lot of phonies out there.

    The American Red Cross, and other federal level charities always go to the need of others kinda quick, actually the Red cross is already there. I would say that they are the most reputable and trusting for your charitable donation.

    Taiwan has offered a lot of help though the Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation. I would look there as well. Other notable charities are The Taiwan Root Medical Peace Corps and its Japanese ally organization, Peace Winds Japan.

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    The first link below has information about how to find people that were in Japan during the earthquake, several online sources that are raising funds to help Japan (Convoy of Hope, Globalgiving, the Red Cross, and Save the Children has created a Children’s Emergency Fund).

    The second link includes the options already listed above, but also includes InternationalMedicalCorps, a group through which money or supplies may be donated.

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