Are there any celebrities that openly don’t believe in climate change?



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         Donald Trump has claimed that the Nobel committee should revoke Al Gore’s Peace Prize because parts of the East Coast experienced record snows this winter. Climate scientists were quick to point out that many parts of the world experienced warmer than usual temperatures, and that climate change may actually have contributed to the storms. 

         The late writer Michael Crichton’s 2005 book State of Fear features a conspiracy by sinister environmentalists to fake climate change in order to make a profit. 

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    The Motor City Madman, Ted “the Nuge” Nugent, has been openly claiming that climate change science is a fraud.  Nugent recently spoke at a high school, encouraging kids not do to drugs, alcohol, or climate change.

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    Rush Limbaugh has been a pretty firm contender to climate change.  His view would be that scientist have made facts fit a political view rather than the science being objective.  He has been one of Al Gore’s Harshest critics.  Limbaugh has coined the term “environmentalist wacko”

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    Donald trump and mr. Limbaugh definitely. I am sure Mel gibson as well since he is a hardcore christian and hates jews and blacks. He is just as backwards as the other racists in the nation.

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    Is Dick Cheyney a celebrity?

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