Are there any cartoons that talk about nature and the environment?



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    I’ll link you to a couple of sites I found that have comic strip type cartoons about the environment. As far as TV cartoons go, Captain Planet was very much about the environment. The show typically had a villain polluting the environment in some way, and it was up to five kids with special powers to stop them. This show was ahead of its time in bringing the environmental movement to popular culture.

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    Sherman’s Lagoon is a nationally syndicated humorous comic strip that talks about teaches kids about ocean conservation, marine life, and our oceans today. They also offer a series of kids books as well.

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    A study was done that concluded that Walt Disney cartoons contain secret messages on the environment that have taught us variously about having a fundamental respect for nature. My favorite was probably the Jungle Book. It talked about the place of humans in the animal kingdom and our relationship with nature.

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