Are there any cars that run on water?



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    Yes, there are cars that run on water. For instance, Genepax, a Japanese company unveiled a car that is able to run on several different types of water, including seawater and even tea. Genepax’s car breaks down water into hydrogen and oxygen, generating electricity.

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    If you read mire2187‘s article carefully, you’ll see:

    “Some people have reacted with disbelief and questioned the car’s legitimacy, claiming that the technology appears to violate the First Law of Thermodynamics.”

    I am skeptical as well. It takes energy to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, not the other way around. In fact, it takes so much energy to break the covalent bond between the hydrogen and oxygen that hydrogen-powered cars are just not worth the effort. Battery electric vehicles, which simply transfer electrons from one place to another for storage rather than breaking a covalent bond, are much more efficient.

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