Are there any carbon absorbing buildings?



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    In my research I could not find a building that exists that sequesters carbon, however I did find an eco-cement that is being developed right now that absorbs carbon to set.

    A man named John Harrison (of the Australian company TecEco) invented the product.  Eco-cement is created using cooler temperatures than normal cement, so the creation process takes less energy compared to standard Portland cement.

    Conceivably, a building foundation built using carbon absorbing eco-cement, would be a carbon absorbing building.  This may be something  we see a lot of in future building projects.

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    A company called Celera is taking in CO2 pollution from a nearby company via a pipe in the ocean to make cement. Normally, for every one ton of cement made, one ton of CO2 is emitted. With Celera’s process, they take in one half ton of CO2 for every ton of cement they make. The company got this idea from biomimicry- by studying how coral makes its cement-like structure from carbonates in ocean water. 

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    Putting greenroofs on buildings will help absorb carbon. Plants take in carbon for photosynthesis. Absorption levels may vary, depending on the type of plants and density of vegetation

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