Are there any cancer cures?



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    there is currently no single cure for cancer. Cancer is a hard to diagnose and very heterogeneous disease, thus each treatment plan must be tailor made to each patient. There are several ways to prevent cancer, as in many diseases that plague the Western world, through diet and lifestyle changes. Diet has a huge impact on cancer prevention, specifically one that is anti-inflammatory and mostly plant-based. Also, certain supplements and spices, such as turmeric powder, have very potent anti-cancer properties. Exercise, stress management and not oversmoking or overdrinking are also important to preventing cancer.

    There are several methods to treat cancer however, such as through traditional means like radiation therapy and chemotherapy. An unconventional cancer treatment called the Gerson therapy, has been around for a very long time, and is scientifically unproven, but is based on a very antioxident rich routine of juicing and has been shown to cure some people’s cancer and to cure many other diseases such as arthritis. There are many alternative ways to cure cancer, either through Traditional Chinese medicine, naturopathy, or through Ayurvedic medicine. Thus, the best cancer “cure” or treatment varies per individual, and can be either conventional or alternative in nature.

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    No, there is no cure for cancer. However, there are a lot of things you can do to prevent toxins from going into your body that may cause cancer. Skin cancer is one that people usually ignore, but can be very serious. A great way to prevent skin cancer is to always wear sunscreen–every day–even in the winter. An organic sunscreen is even better because it’s not polluting your body with all kinds of chemicals that you can’t pronounce. Check out for more about organic sunscreen and how to purchase.

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