Are there any campers that are eco friendly?



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    This site offers several eco friendly campers:

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    There are a few eco-friendly campers on the market today. The site, phillius referenced above is a great provider of quality RVs and other such campers. Evergreen RV is dedicated to creating a quality product that will protect the environment while you enjoy it. I will link a site bellow that did a review of another green RV. Hopefully it will help to put some aspects into perspective.

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    Phillius and prenda11 look like they’ve found the best option for eco-friendly campers in the Evergreen RV. An interesting thing I found that won’t help your shopping now, but I feel is worth mentioning, is the futuristic designs of Nau, a design company interested in seeing how green technology can contribute to camping. Their design looks space age, but is an electrically powered pod that can function on the open road and provide a roomy interior. The roof includes solar panels, and can be adjusted to accommodate extra bunking for sleeping overnight. Pretty cool stuff that may be here sooner than we think.

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