Are there any businesses that reuse construction debris?



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    Habitat for Humanity will take some debris like: doors, windows, appliances, lighting fixtures, and other reusable items. They are called Habitat ReStores. Check out the provided link to find one in your area!

    From their site:

    Habitat ReStores are outlets that accept donated goods for resale. While every ReStore is a little different, most focus on home improvement goods—furniture, home accessories, building materials and appliances. These donated goods are sold to the general public at a fraction of the retail price to help local affiliates fund the construction of Habitat homes within their communities.

    Materials sold by Habitat ReStores are usually donated by local retailers, contractors and individuals in the community. ReStores provide an environmentally and socially responsible way to keep good, reusable materials out of the waste stream and simultaneously provide funding for all of Habitat’s community improvement work.

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