Are there any broadway shows about the environment?



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    I couldn’t find any shows specifically about the the environment, but Broadway itself is trying to go green by working with the Natural Resources Defense Council to reduce waste, lessen the carbon footprint of its shows, and other tactics. 

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    One show that was on Broadway that sort of is about the environment was Lion King.  I wouldn’t say it’s the best learning tool around per-say, but it focuses on the circle of life aspect, and shows that humans are not the only creatures that matter on this planet.  This obviously helps because once humans learn that there is other meaningful life on Earth, the more likely they are to care about keeping the Earth healthy. 

    plus the Lion King is so much fun, and you can’t beat it! 

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    Urinetown won three Tony awards and deals with a dystopian future in which a twenty year drought causes the bureaucracy to regulate water to the point where the citizens must pay to use the facilities. If they should fail to pay, waste water in any way, or relieve themselves not in the government run urinals, they will be sent to Urinetown, which, spoiler alert, doesn’t exist. They’re just murdered and thrown away.

    This play dealt with the theme of environmentalism and the sort of “It’s our children who are going to have to deal with all this” philosophy that some sections take towards the natural world.

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