Are there any bright solar lights I can get for my back porch?



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    Sure there are. The link here has some good possible choices. I’d also consider buying solar panels to generate the electricity and then powering so low-wattage bulbs off this energy (because then when they are not in use the solar panels are still being used for a good purpose, to capture energy)… I don’t see why any solar powered lights would not also have an output connection to be able to use the panels to power more than just the lights themselves (attached to the panel, usually via internal wiring).

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    It’s neat to know there are now solar lamp post lights attached to planters that can go on your deck. You can put any floral arrangement you want and enjoy their color when the sun goes down. Just make sure the small solar panel on the lamp post is not shaded in any way. You will get to enjoy your deck and flowers all night long!

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