Are there any brands/chemicals that are unsafe in deoderant?



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    Parabens, Triclosan, and Formaldehyde are some harmful chemicals that can be found in most deodorants. Studies have shown that the chemical form of the parabens was found in 18 out of 20 tumors tested. “Research indicates levels of triclosan have been found in human breast milk. Dioxins (linked to cancer) are formed when it is manufactured or incinerated.” Lastly, formaldehyde sometimes triggers asthma and is an eye and respiratory tract irritant. It can also damage DNA since both toluene and formaldehyde are listed by the National Toxicology Program as ‘reasonably anticipated’ to be human carcinogens.

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    Some people also worry about the presence of aluminum chloride (which is what stops you from sweating) in antiperspirants. Aluminum chloride has been suggested as a neurotoxin that is linked to Alzheimer. Below are 2 articles; one believes that aluminum is toxic and unhealthy, and the other is a report of research that shows that people with this aluminum in their bodies are not at a higher risk. Decide for yourself!

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    Yes, and most of these anti-perspirant chemicals are illegal in the European Union which is why you don’t see the same brands of deodorant for sale when you go to some other countries.

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    Yes, it seems that recently it has been discovered that there are a lot of synthetic, and potentially dangerous chemicals used in many cosmetics. Often looked over, it seems that conventional cosmetics, including shampoo and soaps in addition to deodorant have been using chemicals as preservatives. These preservatives may be dangerous. For example, triclosan and parabens, found in deodorant, have been found to have a slight connection with causing cancer and disruptions of the endocrine-system.

    It seems the FDA does not actually approve deoderants and antiperspirants or test them for their safety; they only encourage companies to test for safety before being commercialized. This means that there is no specific test they must have passed and therefore the FDA cannot be to blame; they can only take action against a harmful product if it can be proven as such in a court of law. Experts recommend switching to natural cosmetics, which means that some or all of their ingredients are natural, and not synthetic.

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