Are there any bottled water companies using biodegradable bottles?



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    An Internet search came up with many companies claiming to use biodegradable bottles.  Here are the first three I found: Renewal Water, Biota Spring Water, and Nature’s Purest Spring Water.


    The link below discusses how environmentally friendly various bottles are.

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    A British company called Belu released a corn-based plastic bottle in 2006, and the website for Re:newal bottled water also advertises a plant-based bottle.  However, environmental groups continue to encourage consumers to limit their purchasing of bottled water in order to reduce the energy expended in shipping and packaging, as well as the production of waste. 

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    Some less “major” companies have introduced them, such as Green Planet and the Keystone Water Company. Some of the big dogs like Coke (Dasani) and Pepsi (Aquafina) are getting there, and are introducing bottles that are far more bio-friendly, but they’re not nearly 100% yet.

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    There are a number of bottled water companies using biodegradable bottles which are also fully recyclable.  A couple of those companies are redleaf water, Balance Water, Callaway Blue, Texas Natural Rainwater, Tushar Mountains, Project 7, AquaMantra and many others.  They are all using the ENSO biodegradable and recyclable bottle.

    You can learn more at


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