Are there any bottled water companies that are doing things the right way?



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    There are some bottled water companies that are trying to turn around the industry’s negative environmental image by doing things like making bottles out of plant-based materials. I also recall one bottled water company donating some of its profits to water projects in the developing world, although I can’t find anything about it now, so it doesn’t seem like this is still happening (or the company is no longer around). Ultimately, though, it is still very wasteful and energy intensive to be consuming bottled water, no matter what the companies try to do to make it better.

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    Keeper Springs, started by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., bottles fresh water from a sustainable U.S. spring. They donate all their after-tax profit tp environmental causes through the Waterkeeper alliance. The company is working on a biodegradable bottle.

    Also, BIOTA spring water makes their bottles from corn-based bioplastic rather than petroleum-based plastic. The bottle will decompose entirely within 80 days if exposed to constant heat and humidity.

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