Are there any birds that never migrate?



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    Yes there are actually quite a few birds that do not migrate.  Titmice is one species of birds that do not.  Mourning doves, blue jays, ravens, great horned owls, and downy woodpeckers are other species that don’t migrate just to name a few.  These birds do not migrate because they are able to adapt to their surroundings, and a few species such as the Common Poorwill actually hibernate during the winter.

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    Yes. Any flightless bird will be nonmigratory, like the Ostrich. Others include birds that live close to the equator. Some birds, like chickadees, will stay year round, but they may migrate under certain conditions. It depends.

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    Penguins do not migrate great distances.  They typically travel from breeding grounds, to nearby feeding grounds.  Their lack of flight keeps penguins from migrating like other birds.  Other flightless birds like ostrich and emu also do not migrate.

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    I found that quail and turkey are non-migratory. Many flightless birds do not migrate, along with birds is areas that do not drastically change in climate (like the equator).

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    In Boston, we have sparrows, cardinals, and pigeons here year round, to name a few.

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