Are there any birds that live over 100 years?



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    Various species of parrots can live over 100 years. Cockatoos can live up to 75 years and Macaws can live for 60-70 years while in captivity.

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    No, there are not, not one publicized anyway.  The oldest bird in the United States currently is a 60 year old albatross that just gave birth to a new chick!  Not many animals live to that age.  The oldest animal in the world though, Jonathan the tortoise is 176 years old!

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    There’s really no simple answer here. Any bird in captivity will generally outlive their wild counterparts. So if we’re talking in the wild, there is no chance any bird could ever live to 100 years. The longest recorded life of a bird in the wild belongs to the Laysan Albatross, with a span of 37 years and five months. Though it’s been stated various species of parrots can live in captivity over 100 years, I’ve yet to see academically backed research of this. The word “can” simply states it’s possible, but as far as recorded, statistical evidence, there is little to boot. According to the website linked below, an Australian parrot lived for over 80 years in a zoo.

    So I’m sure there are cases, but it’s hard to document as parrots are held captive in many homes across the world.

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