Are there any birds that have two offspring in one egg?



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    It is not common for any bird species, but it is possible. Chickens can sometimes lay eggs with two yolks. If these eggs are fertilized, then they may hatch two chicks. Double-yolked eggs are larger than single-yolked eggs, but not quite twice as large, so in many cases there won’t be enough space for both chicks. Chickens tend to lay abnormal eggs during the first few months after they start laying. My chickens laid several (unfertilized) double-yolked eggs during their first few months of laying, but I have not seen any abnormal eggs for over a year now. Any animal going through puberty, including humans, will experience irregular bodily functions as their hormone levels adjust and their bodies finish growing. In birds, a sign that they are still maturing is a double-yolked egg.

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