Are there any birds that are descendants of the pterodactyl?



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    It has become all but certain that dinosaurs are the ancestors of modern day birds. Bone structure and density, and suspected behavoirs of dinosaurs have pointed to them being more closely related to birds than to reptiles. While not techically a dinosaur, the pterodactyl existed in the same era and possesses many similarities to birds as well, and not simply because they both fly.

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    No. According to most scientists, the earliest and most primitive known bird is the Archaeopteryx. All of birds are classified as theropod dinosaurs, including the Archaeopteryx.
    On the other hand, the pterodactyl, more properly called a pterosaur, is actually just a flying reptile and not a dinosaur. Pterosaurs existed between 220 and 65.5 million years ago (going extinct at the end of the Cretaceous), while the Archaeopteryx lived 150-145 million years ago, evolving into other birds.

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    There is scientific evidence that modern birds are descendant from dinosaurs. However, the pterodactyl is probably not the mother of modern birds. While both fly, the structure of pterodactyl wings is different from that of modern birds. Modern birds are more likely to have descended from primitive birds that are unrelated to the pterodactyl.

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    Modern birds are in fact “descended” from pterosaurs.

    It is a new idea.



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