Are there any biodegradable diapers?



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    Yes there are! The most commonly used diapers, the disposable ones, are environmentally wasteful because they do not break down quickly in landfills. Luckily, there are various brands of biodegradable diapers that are just as convenient to use as the normal disposable ones, and much friendlier to the environment. They are made without chemicals or post-consumer material, although they do take long to break down in a landfill as well, so they are usually made flushable.

    The best option that is the cheapest and most environmentally friendly is the cloth diaper, which is reusable and may take a lot more work (having to launder them). Biodegradable are the second best options, and could be more convenient. Some environmentally friendly parents use cloth diapers at home, and biodegradable diapers while traveling. 

    Here is are some websites of a few biodegradable diaper brands:

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