Are there any biodegradable condoms?



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    Yes. Those made from lambskin are completely natural and biodegradable, but they do not protect against STDs. Latex is also biodegradable.

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    Not all condoms are made the same. Latex condoms are biodegradable but polyurethane ones are not. Lambskin condoms are also biodegradable, however they do not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases. The thing about latex condoms is that they contain certain additives such as lubricants and other coats that alter their decomposition potential. This may cause condoms to take even longer to decompose. Another thing is, most people simply dispose of their used condoms in the original packaging they came in. Since plastic is not biodegradable, it defeats the purpose of using biodegradable latex condoms. Most of this just ends up piled up in landfills.

    If seeking other methods of birth control (that won’t generate as much waste) is not an option, your best bet would be to practice environmentally-friendly condom disposal. After use, just wrap them in tissue or paper and toss them in proper waste bins. Never flush them down the toilet as latex does not degrade in water.

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    yes!  Brazil is the most advanced natural condom producer in the world.  They are the largest buyer of condoms in the world so the government decided to invest in creating condoms that could be produced from natural resources found in Brazil.  They created a state run company called Natex that produces condoms from rubber trees found in the Amazon jungle.

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