Are there any big sustainable cities being planned?



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    I don’t know that there are any new wholly sustainable cities planned, but there are several developments within cities that are. The City Center in Las Vegas is one example, as are the efforts in Chicago. Plenty of other cities are attempting to modify their habits as well, such as San Francisco.

    Although these may not be examples to answer your question exactly, I personally feel they are quite important. There are likely fewer new cities planned for the future, currently, but the cities we have are full of opportunities to improve their sustainability. We could get more “bang for our buck,” so to speak, for improving our current practices than we could for modifying our future ones.

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    Masdar City in the U.A.E and Songdo City in South Korea are both sustainable cities that are being developed. Masdar City is being proposed as the first car free city, while Songo City is an extension on Incheon where cutting edge technologies will create sustainable living.

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