Are there any big cats that are solitary animals?



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    Most species of big cats are solitary animals. The collectivism of lions is an exception.

    Unlike solitary big cats like leopards and jaguars, lions form groups called prides. However, there are times when lions, particularly males, will find themselves kicked out of the pride. Then they become nomads, operating individually or with other nomads. They may or may not rejoin a pride before death.

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    Cheetahs are another example of large cats that live solitary lives. Female cheetahs, especially, are known to roam alone; that is until she has her cubs, in which case she will remain with them until they are old enough to live apart from her. Young males are known to stay together in a pack with their brothers. These cheetah brothers will then stay close as they move around looking for females with whom to mate. 

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    Bengal TigerBengal tigers are also solitary creatures.  They are very territorial and do not like to share hunting grounds, so they need a substantial amount of space in which to live (part of the reason for their endangerment).  Male tigers usually occupy a range of 20 square miles, while females occupy an average of 17 square miles.  

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